and hours (boring!). I can work strictly from photographs you have on hand, but I prefer to meet the subject, spend a little while chatting, and get a sense of personality. During the meeting, I will also take a series of photographs and facial measurements. It's a rather pleasant, unhurried process and takes several hours. We can do this at your home, or my studio.

      Then I go into my studio and get to work. I like to work life-sized. That way, when the clay shrinks (approximately 12%), the bust ends up a very comfortable, pleasing size--not so "monumental." Nice to have in the home.

      I can go on to finish the bust without meeting with the subject again, but it's kind of nice to get together once during my sculpting and then again at the end. A reality check. It's also a good practice to have you "sign off" on the piece. The work in progress being non portable, these meetings would have to be at my studio.

     I can usually complete the portrait in under a month, but then there are still a lot of things that need to happen before the sculpture is actually complete (hollowing, drying, firing, staining, refiring, applying the patina). That all takes time and can't be rushed. Four months, from begining to end, is a comfortable working time for me, give or take a month.

      A portait bust of one person costs $5000; of two together, $7500. A bas relief portrait of one person costs $2500; of two together, $3750. Half is paid at the start of the project, and the remainder paid when the portait is complete. The deposit is non-refundable if you cancel after the photo session. Prices do not include shipping. I accept cash & checks. I will be happy to discuss any other sculpture projects with you as well.

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LisaBdot Original
Father and Son
I have a great love of traditional sculpting, and some talent at capturing a likeness in clay. The desire to move in this artistic direction has been growing stronger year by year, and I've finally given in to it.

I am now accepting commissions for portrait busts and bas reliefs.

      Sculpting a portrait bust is not at all like painting a portrait--you don't have to sit perfectly still in front of me while I work for hours
Father and Son,
a portait of Ian and Joel Wolf
In the collection of
Youngsville Elementary School.

Photos by Seth Tice-Lewis
Old Woman
Bas Relief from photograph
In the collection of
Dr. Ric Munz