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Cat font
Native American
Father & Son
Bird-What Bird?
Chief Wolf Robe
Many of these one-of-a-kind sculptures are now in various collections and no longer available for sale.

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All photos by Seth Tice-Lewis, with the exception of Chief Wolf Robe, shot by the artist.
Holy Water Font
with cat bas relief
Native American Mask
Bird ~ What Bird?
Chief Wolf Robe of the Cheyenne
~ from an 1898 photograph
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Father & Son

In a temporary studio in the foyer of Youngsville Elementary School, this piece was sculpted under observation of grades K-6. When completed, Father & Son was donated to the school. The models were my husband, Joel, & son, Ian.
The Conversation
The Conversation
Bas Relief Portrait
Bas Relief Portrait commissiond by Ric Munz