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Functionalpottery &
Detail of top of one amphora
Three Goddesses
Icon detail from skirt
Dog Goddess
Cat detail from skirt
Flower Sticks
Floral Amphora Series

In ancient Greece, amphorae were tall, two-handled jars used for storing wine or oil, narrow at the neck & base.
This series of nine stoneware amphorae are shaped like surrealistic flowers & illuminated with oil paintings of faces & torsos. Each amphora may be removed from its sculpted plaster base.
Goddess & Guardian Series

Goddesses, guardians, queens, madonnas, angels, & fairies in dark stoneware clay are graced with symbols from many cultures affirming life, love, & balance. Cats wear crowns. Dogs are well endowed. Women with wings stand & sway gracefully, icons & Isis embossed upon their skirts. And under those skirts ~ a little secret hiding place.
Flower Sticks

Pretty flowers perch on sticks to decorate your garden or flower pots. They come off their sticks, as well, to be hung upon a wall or tree.
Bunches of Flower Sticks
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Floral Amphora Series
Inscribed salt Fired Bowl
Salt Fired Jar with brushed slip decoration
Salt Fired Altered Bowls
Tea Bowl with embossing
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Penland Series
Penland Series, Functional Pottery

As stoneware clay has been Lisa's favored medium for over 25 years, she explored its applications in functional pottery during a Summer session at Penland School of Crafts in 2006. "I learned so much, so fast. I was in a constant state of exhilaration & exhaustion."  Her study there was a result of winning a Regional Artist Project Grant from United Arts Council of Raleigh.

Penland School of Crafts is a world-renowned center for craft education located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.

Detail from one amphora
Amphora out of its base
Three Floral Amphorae