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Joel, retired CPS social worker
LisaBdot Original
brief History
While other schoolgirls in Walworth,          New York

listed a fresh career choice each week,

         Lisa Bernardi Wolf knew her destiny at age five.

Artist. That was her dream. Her parents,

perhaps more pragmatic,              suggested
Lisa works under the name LisaBdot. A nickname from childhood,

it comes from her first day of kindergarten                when she came

home to tell her parents, "my name is Lisa Bee Dot."

Pointing out that she pre-dates the internet by decades,

Lisa says, "ahead of my time, as usual."

Ms Wolf and her husband,            Joel, are parents of two terrific people,

Ariel and Ian. They share the earth-sheltered house               they

designed and built in the woods near

Youngsville, North Carolina

with a very large cat.
The moment of revelation came for Lisa when               she first

put her hands in clay for a pottery class. "I loved it," she said. Thus

ended             a career in advertising and began a love affair with

the cool,            moist substance that smells, to her, like the woods

she played in as a child.

Ms Wolf's work varies from subtle and powerful portraits

to irresistible whimsy.             Much of her work is embellished with

leaves, feathers, even snakeskin and hidden quotes.

"I like the idea of unfolding - that the whole meaning

doesn't just plop in your lap."
After marriage and another move, Ms Wolf began her career,

             winning awards with one of                 Raleigh, North Carolina's

top ad agencies. In her spare time                  she enjoyed playing with

different media, but never felt quite satisfied with the results.
926 Ontario Center Road
Age 5
Al & Marge Bernardi
she channel her talent and interest into a monthly

paycheck and convinced her to study graphic design.

The Bernardi family relocated to South Florida, where Lisa

graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

with a degree in Ad Design.
Honor thy mother
Mother & Daughter
Old Blowhard
Roll your mouse over Ariel & Ian. Also Snit (the feline of unusual size).

The artist's mother wishes, at this time, to express her dismay
at the use of THAT particular photograph of her very handsome grandson.
A home owner & pharmacy student
A High School English teacher. Not an angry bunny.
Snit, the puppycat