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LisaBdot Original
Contemporary Figurative, Portrait Sculpture &
painted furniture by Lisa Bernardi Wolf
213 Cardinal Drive, Youngsville, NC 27596
Mother & Daughter
I hold her in my arms
& prevent her taking flight;
My mother's sharp bones
remind me of birds'.

I hold her in my arms
& borrow strength;
My daughter's grace & power
make me free.

poem copyright 1997, Lisa Bernardi Wolf
Photo by Seth Tice-Lewis

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this photo. Yes, right now.
I didn't start out to portray my own mother and grandmother in Mother & Daughter,
but the clay kind of insisted on it. While I was sculpting Grandma's hand stroking Mom's face, "Cara Mia" (the beginning of every letter my grandmother ever wrote to my mother),
kept repeating in my mind.

We are all going to have to give up our mothers. It's unthinkable. My incredible mother
is the best person I know, the person I aspire to be. When the day comes, I know I will be
begging her to stay. I need her.

I'm the mother of two awesome people. If things go the way they're supposed to, someday
I'll have to leave them. I'm hoping I'll be ready, knowing I've raised two such splendid people.

I had to put all those feelings into clay. This is the best work I've ever done.
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The original Mother & Daughter sculpture is in the artist's mother's personal collection.
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My photographer:
Seth Tice-Lewis, 919.818.2250
Pittsboro, North Carolina