LisaBdot Original
The Celestial Garden
The Celestial Garden ~ Beaming Smile (the sun),
Day Melts Into Night (the sun kissing the moon),
& Old Blowhard (the wind).
These can be placed on stakes in your garden or houseplants, or hung on hooks. Available in Copper Terracotta*, Dark Stoneware, & Natural finishes (all shown).
Approximately 4 1/2" x 4" x 2"
                                     $64 each or $177 for the set.
Celestial Garden Dark Stoneware
Celestial Garden Natural
* Copper patina
Terracotta clay
Dark Stoneware clay
with Manganese Dioxide Stain
Natural ~ Light Stoneware clay with Manganese Dioxide Stain
* A note about Copper/Terracotta ~ If you are fascinated by change, this choice is for you. Over time, the copper paint will oxidize a pretty blue/green. If these pieces are displayed outdoors, the terraotta clay will pick up a nicely mottled white patina.
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